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  1. camp sites and trip advise

    hi All

    planning a 4 day trip - jhb - underberg - sani pass - lesotho - jhb
    please recommend campsites in underberg/sanipass area for 1 night and different routes or campsites in Lesotho.
  2. Re: What did you accidentally bring back after a camping trip?

    ok so i didnt bring it back i took it with, myself and my mate Andy went on a fishing boys night out. before we left we decided to go pick up some pine cones. we filled a black bag and put it on the...
  3. Replies

    spare tyre lock

    hi All

    i recently had the privilege of donating my spare tyre to midnight shopping!
    in an effort to not go through this again, does anyone know were i can buy a second hand 18inch spare for my...
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