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    Jimny off-road bumper

    Anyone that has a off-road bumper that they want to sell?
    Currently entering the idea of making a minimalistic bumper myself.
    However, if anyone has second hand?
    It's for a 2008 Suzuki Jimny
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    Re: My new Mini 4x4

    First thing I did after adjusting the clutch to my preference.
    Told the girlfriend that I hope we get stuck and shortly thereafter we had to switch over to 4x4 :)
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    My new Mini 4x4

    About three months ago I made the decision that I need a 4x4 in my life.
    I then decided a bakkie would work best and bought a Hilux fitted with a V8.

    Spent about two months with it and we parted...
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    4x4 Gearbox recon

    Hi,I have a 1999 4x4 Toyota Hilux with the 2.7 gearbox.The box is noisy through all the gears.Sounds like dry/worn bearings. Low range, high range and transfer case is working 100%.I live in Paarl...
  5. Re: Clunking noise when front hubs are locked

    Fair enough.

    I'll get to it when I get to it (I'll remove the CV's and check them when it comes down to it).

    I've always worked on my own vehicles.

    The 4x4 scene is very new to me...

  6. Re: Clunking noise when front hubs are locked

    Thanks for the explanation ZuluCowboy, that was very informative!

    Peter, I referred to the Land Rovers that are always in 4x4 (for example the Discovery 1 I know is permanent 4x4) and I was just...
  7. Re: Clunking noise when front hubs are locked

    Thanks for all the info!

    So I bought the bakkie in the evening after work, so that was on me as I couldn't inspect it that well.

    I drove it in 4x4 without having the hubs locked from Cape Town...
  8. Clunking noise when front hubs are locked

    So I'm new to this, so please forgive me for asking silly questions.
    I've bought a 1999 Toyota Hilux 4x4.

    Now from what I understand, the front hubs need to be locked for 4x4 to work.
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    Re: My very first 4x4 bakkie

    Thanks ZX14.
    (Btw, I also have a ZX14 - Blue one with Wicked Tuning software, love it to bits!)
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    My very first 4x4 bakkie

    Hi all,

    I'd like to introduce myself to this forum.

    I've recently bought a 1999 Toyota Hilux 4x4 with a Lexus Non-VVTI motor.

    The bakkie has some work and I'm currently treating it as such....
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