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  1. Re: Once in a lifetime Safari opportunity

    Amazing opportunity 8-)
  2. Re: Once in a lifetime Safari opportunity

    Short notice, but what do you do with respect to travel restrictions.
    Zambia just put a quarantine into the mix.
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    Re: New campsite in Lusaka: LUKASA

    Can you PM me the rates, we have a farm in Chilanga and when there we try to stay in the neighborhood for convenience.
    B&B or self catering would be the interest.
  4. Re: Bots Border Entry from RSA Post Omicron

    Are you sure this is Botswana?

    Where would all these people be coming from?

    IIRC , the entire population in BW is around 2.5 Mio whereas about 25% are minors :-\
  5. Re: Amazing sighting at Kwai North gate rest camp in Botswana, Lion hunt and kill whe

    Good sighting, thanks for sharing the video.
    Pity that the exact moment is lost in the camera movements.
  6. Re: Epic Africa Trip 2022 - Botswana Part

    Hey Charlotte,

    Where is that coming from?
    Never heard of domestic animals in the park.

    The closest I came to was remains of a dead horse killed by lions in the Boteti channel.
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    Re: Kazangula Border Crossing Reportback

    All okay except for the fact that you have to find the elusive office to get the rapid COVID test done.
    The place moves over time and we used two different locations and procedures in two separate...
  8. Re: campingsites FOR hwange - MANA POOLS JULY / AUG 2021

    You book all Nat Park camps in Zim through headquarters in Harare.
  9. Re: Camping in Kasane and boat trips on the Chobe

    Ask your private guide where he moors his boat and join him there, then you can lodge anywhere.
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    Re: Money matters

    Hi Kerstin,

    ATM withdrawals are up to P 4000 per transaction, sometimes the limit is lower.

    For park fees I would recommend to pay in advance by credit card and get the voucher in time for the...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    Exactly what I am thinking about. It is possibly safer to camp inside the park than try to drive after dark and getting lost or surprise some ellies.

    The trade off is or course you stuck and camp...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    Let's then keep this as a plan, agree on Sept though.

    I am although resident in Zam by marriage so no issues for me to be there. I might bring some friends along, so will spread the word over the...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    Found the village but if I turn LEFT I will end up in the Luangwa River or in MOZ, so I think the turn should be to the RIGHT (west) when coming down from Bridge camp towards Luangwa town.

    Can you...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    Thanks for that, I am following your blog.

    Can we verify this please.
    You started in Mvuu camp on the way to Petauke, this would mean you've done that track West to East.
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    Question here:

    Is the entry point defined on the Eastern side?
    Then it should be easier to intercept the track and follow in a Westerly direction.

    I wouldn't mind to do a recce with some...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    That's the one I am looking for. ;D

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    Re: Olive the Nissan..........

    No spacers, but 50mm suspension lift comes with longer shocks and heavier coils.
    I have OME lift on both and doesn't require caster correction of longer panhard rods.

    But be very careful in...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    Leopard Hill is now one alternative, but the transit West to East seems an option, coming out somewhere along the Luangwa river south of Luangwa bridge.
    There was a report I saw less than 2...
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    Re: Lower Zambezi National Park

    There are some reports about a newly established transit route going through the park all the way to the East towards the Luangwa river mouth.

    In the time I was there (2016 and 17) this was not...
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    Re: Trip Update, we are in Botswana

    Rookie error on water crossing. You walk the way you intend to drive and check the ground (sand =ok / mud=not) and obstacles in the way, choose the track where it is less deep and more solid.

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    Re: Rechargeable led downlights

    Why not feed the light circuits with a UPS type back-up and connect right at the circuit board.
    Only modification would be to split the busbar and separate the lights then feed this section through...
  22. Re: 11 months to E. Africa and back and...plans and updates

    Thanks for the vid, but one thing. Time lapse is to fast for my video driver so it remains a blur in low resolution display.

    Half speed would just be fine ;)

    Looking forward to the continuation.
  23. Re: Overland through the SAHARA (Europe to Cameroon) in 1988

    Indeed, many more recent adventures have less pointed memories.
    I guess it has to do with expectations and we were at that time completely out of or debt apart from some week-end trips before. So...
  24. Re: Overland through the SAHARA (Europe to Cameroon) in 1988

    Dreams remain dreams until you realise them, so "yes" keep on dreaming.

    My lifestyle has changed with the pandemic now and my time out with the 4x4's and in the open spaces have yet to start...
  25. Re: 10 days in Malawi - what would you do?

    Right, dosage according to body mass, but once infected I had to take 7x600mg over 2-3 days and it was giving side effects. No driving allowed.
  26. Re: 10 days in Malawi - what would you do?

    That would exclude almost the whole area of Monkey bay and Cape McLear, but I get the point.
    People and their waste are feeding the worms to become an issue.

    A boat trip to where they feed the...
  27. Re: 10 days in Malawi - what would you do?

    I think it is called "Camp Livingstonia" and about 500 road meters higher up on some terraces. Same level where the veggie gardens are and the pathway to the water fall about 2kms away.
  28. Re: 10 days in Malawi - what would you do?

    ^^^ This definitely.

    Livingstonia has 2 camps with fantastic views and a relaxed atmosphere, camping or chalet accommodation and restaurant with an a(l)titude.

    On the lake, please be aware of...
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    Re: Really? A 12v oven?

    It is actually double that. 2 elements @ 10Amps each going 240 W
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    Re: Addis Ababa

    From my taking, the religious content is more a secondary one channeled around the Judaism and Christianity in a way to demonstrate superiority against the other splinter group of similar origin.
  31. Re: Mix and match- matching rim and tyres of Bakkie and Trailer

    Your choice will be limited in downsizing from 18" due to brake calipers, maybe 17" could work but lower might be impossible.
    There are reasons for the manufacturer to go 18" apart from cosmetics -...
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    Re: Addis Ababa

    Another example of tribalism and shortsightedness of the people running the show.

    Is there anything that can be gained by civil unrest / war apart from a shift of fortunes for a very few.

  33. Re: Overland through the SAHARA (Europe to Cameroon) in 1988

    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did returning in memory of long time ago.

    Well, maybe it does not need a vehicle roll-over, but sometimes it helps to trigger a bigger picture ;D
  34. Re: Sidewall Damage - What say you experts??

    I had exactly the same sort of damage on my Cooper ST maxx and ignored it for some months until.....

    Saturday morning I had a tyre pressure warning when starting the vehicle and the tyre was...
  35. Re: Need rear light cluster - 2020 Ranger

    You need to reprimand that tree that it does not jump into your path when you reverse .... ;D;D:mad:

    At R 1600 for an OEM part it is hardly worth to shop around for something cheaper.
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