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    Re: Patrol 4.8 GL manual P63 questions

    Not a model on the SA market.
    The 4.8 was the GU Y61 and mostly automatic.

    Do you have more on the specs?

    If it is a 4.8 manual in Station wagon format it would be a pearl.
  2. Re: Halogen to projector HID conversion

    Why don't you go straight to LED, you would convert the HID sooner or later anyway.
    LED has some fantastic features and is much easier on power usage and switches on instantly.

    I have seen many...
  3. Re: Bots in a minivan... with 3 small kids?

    Contrary to the respondents from above I am of the opinion that this is not entirely a holiday trip.

    In this you don't need to go to the typical holiday places but it would be a better picture if...
  4. Re: Best route Muvv lodge (near Chirundu ) to South Luangwa NP?

    Firstly the name is MVUU lodge or camp, just for the records.

    Unfortunately you would have to return to the Chirundu - Kafue - Lusaka road then head out on T4 (Great Eastern Road) towards Chipata ...
  5. Re: How to book a mokoro trip at Mboma boat station?

    I've never seen mokoro trips being offered at 3rd Bridge.
    They have alu boats but sometimes struggle to reach the main channel due to vegetation having moved.

    As this season is very dry you might...
  6. Re: How to book a mokoro trip at Mboma boat station?

    First I think to remember that the licence for Mboma station has changed and Mankwe no longer is involved.
    I can't document that but it is in the back of my memory.

    From how they operated...
  7. Re: Garmin Hack: Credit Card Details et al nicked

    How long is your card valid?
    I mean the cvv changes with a new issue, some banks (FNB) even change the card number (last 4 digits).
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    Re: Route Advice-Maun to CKGR

    Good choice, now add this to the excitement:
    Leave the trar road earlier where the turn-off is signosted towards "Segoro" roughly 30 kms outside Maun.
    You'll have a bridge over the Boteti then a...
  9. Re: Kaokoveld - Sesfontein to Marienfluss

    The Klein Serengeti is turning off from inside the Khowarib Schlucht trail about halfways into the direction Sesfontein Camps at the river.
    It is a steep ascent out of the river in direction S - SW...
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    Re: Just don't get some people...

    I think Walter has made a sensible observation and it is sad to see that the respect for nature is completely lost to some of those who claim they are liking it.

    In my early days of traveling the...
  11. Re: Kaokoveld - Sesfontein to Marienfluss

    I think you can get the permit at the vet gates when entering the area.

    Have you considered to "step out" of the Khowarib river bed and visit Klein Serengeti, that would be the type of territory...
  12. Re: Trip report: Zambia & Namibia, Augist 2019

    Thanks Ortelius, wakes up the memories from some years ago. Excellent report now switching over to the NAM part :)
  13. Re: Moremi, Chobe and Panhandle trip report

    Informative report, thanks for sharing.
    Some interesting issues raised and hope you enjoyed it.

    Some remarks:
    You are indicating the gearing used on several occasions but it is entirely unclear....
  14. Re: The mystery of the Namib's fairy circles.

    Thanks Stan for sharing this.

    Now I was hoping for a scientific explanation but we are where we always were, at the mystical and unexplained theoretical (im)possibilities ;D so many more nights...
  15. Re: Puma Filling Station in Muchenje now OPEN again (9 SEPT 2019)

    Thanks for the heads-up.
    As you are very close by, would it not be an idea to ask Ferney to join the forum and post his sales strategy and opening times, so we could get info / intentions in real...
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    Re: Khubu island to Nxai pan

    I recommend the straight one up to the connection road. The direct one to Gweta is however more attractive but there are many options to get lost in one of the cattle posts as there are virtually...
  17. Re: Violence, looting and protests in Lusaka

    I don't think I can agree to this. If Africans are grouped together and the issue is dissatisfaction (for whatever reason that is) they start rioting just because there is an opportunity to loot.
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    Re: I bought a what

    Yes, but then you have your main battery still charged and can start the vehicle.
    With the second battery you have a much higher capacity to cycle because you don't have to worry about cranking your...
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    Re: I bought a what

    Jelo, have you tried that at all?

    It will never work as in quarter hour you can possibly charge a battery by max 20AH (not on idle that is) and it will run down in a short while.
    That is if you...
  20. Re: Central Kalahari Game Reserve advice needed

    We had a few summers whereas CKGR was inundated with rains and turned into a quagmire. I must say it is more the exception than the rule but it happens.
    Normally this is around Jan-Feb if the ground...
  21. Re: (I need information).Traveling in January unreservedly, is't possible?

    I think it is possible to rock-up without reservations during the Dec/Jan period.

    I would however do the following:

    When arriving check the weather forecasts and see what is feasible in the...
  22. Re: Recommendation for restaurant/bar with a river view in Kasane?

    Best option is Chobe Safari Lodge and it is the most direct approach from the airport, just down the embankment road.
    Best vistas rom bar or restaurant deck.

    Equally positioned, Chobe Marina...
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    Re: Botwana South - Something to see?

    Goo Moremi has its own campsite and AFAIK you can do your walks without a guide.
    But bear in mind, it is a community effort and people need to make a living so maybe a guide will add some value.
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    Re: Toyota ad banned

    Maybe not "creating" hooliganism but being the base to excuse hooliganism.

    Because you can always "justify" you have seen it in the ads so it is fine to copy.

    I've personally seen this in Khwai...
  25. Re: Recommendation: Secure overnight stay - Gaborone

    You can chose any guest house here in town, everybody has walls, fences and motor gates and the vehicles are never left in the street.
    So, Google helps you chose in accordance to your wishes and...
  26. Re: Hello hello. Newbie here🙋#♂️

    Welcome to the forum, loads of info here to share.

    No need to own a 4x4 (but it helps a lot ;D)
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    Re: Trip to Mana Pools from Namibia

    There are 2 filling stations at Binga but I am not sure if they have full storage.
    I was there a year ago and no issues filling at the one near the lodge complex down at the lake side.

    The road...
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    Re: Botwana South - Something to see?

    Why bother to cross into BW, don't you get a 3 months visa at entering SA?

    If you want to see some stuff here, try going to Moremi Gorge (not the Game reserve with the same name in the North)...
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    Re: Upgraded Interchanges in Gaborone

    Where are the coppers going to stand to regulate the traffic ??? ;D >:D
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    Re: Botswana not how it used to be..

    Tony, that sounds like a hundred years ago somewhere in Europe, but agree, it was during our lifetime.

    Do I want to go back if I could - probably not - or I would be a pirate in the 18th century...
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    Re: Botswana not how it used to be..

    Yep Sharpie,

    Good old times indeed.
    But today when you pay the fees or travel with international visitors (or both) you expect the facilities to function and the camps to be cleaned.

    If I want...
  32. Re: Rooftop tent buy, bedding stays inside?

    I always keep my bedding, sleeping bags, duvet and pillows in either the 1.6m, the 1.4m Howling Moon and also in the 1.4m Eezi Awn.
    I have no issues of closing, in fact it is better when full then...
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    Re: So much Dust in my RSI Canopy :(

    It depends what you wan t to fork out but ebay has some offerings.
    It will also ask for some handyman skills to install it .

    A normal 12V extractor fan has a round pipe extension which would have...
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    Re: So much Dust in my RSI Canopy :(

    That flap will be effective form 80km/h upwards.

    So install en electrical fan unit (which pressurizes the load bay) and switch it on from the dashboard when entering dirt roads.
    A small 15-25W...
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    Re: Hilux comsuption

    Hi Agnes,
    It is by far enough.
    The Hilux uses max 15l/100km (6km/L) so you should have a range of almost 1000 kms
    Even with your game drives you won't exceed, this in particular that you don't...
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