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    Re: Hekp for KZN/GP Members..........??

    2 X Checkers and a Woolies in Durban North, fully stocked, no queues, no "rationing". But people do need to be mindful of short term shortages, so don't go and buy 50l of milk and 20 loaves of bread,...
  2. Re: Bushlapa Miskruier or Afrispoor Cheetah 4

    Won't be an issue. Phone them before deciding, but that area not affected and I'm not sure steel supply is going to be an issue.
  3. Re: Help needed for getting the wife to King Shaka Airport

    I've put a call out to old schoolmates in PMB to see if they know of a way to assist. Good luck, tough time to be looking for help travelling.
  4. Re: eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    Let us know how it goes. I'm OK with the community running the show, but kicking Lundy out at such short notice seems wrong.
  5. Re: eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    And not good news from Somkanda today, mail to a friend looking for a booking, indicates a seriously poor approach front he community that owns Somkanda and had contracted Wild Connection to run it....
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    Re: Covid test IN Botswana

    That website under construction. Try Facebook, they have contact details on there
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    Re: 2018 Hilux vs 2017 Ford Ranger

    Thread here -
  8. Re: eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    We were the first to ever camp at Tambotie, I think they created it for us after they messed up our Scotia booking. I'd go back there, it's still nice and unspoiled, just not keen on having...
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    Re: 2018 Hilux vs 2017 Ford Ranger

    @Katerikar feels quite strongly about this, methinks ...
  10. Re: eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    What I have heard, fairly reliable sources, is that it is reverting to a hunting lodge. They always did a bit of hunting there but it is now going to be primarily hunting.

    Also 4 of the 5 male...
  11. Re: eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    You mean the road leading to the reserve through the rural settlements. You're right they aren't great, but I have seen worse. But I do have an offroad van so probably don't feel the worst of it.
  12. eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    It seems there is light at the end of the tunnel at Mkhuze and the camp site (eMshophi). This has been closed since the first lockdown and been the subject of curiousity, then debate, then angry...
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    Re: Grey water disposal in a campsite

    Covid has made people a little averse to shared facilities. I use the showers and toilet, but wash dishes at the van. But also use the butcher's tray to keep the water where I want it, even when wild...
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    Re: Grey water disposal in a campsite

    With showers, we have a large white plastic "butchers tray" we stand in when we shower. This was bought for the Bots trips so my wife can shower and I use her water for washing and a tiny amount of...
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    Re: Grey water disposal in a campsite

    Toilet effluent - into a toilet or sewage disposal.

    Wash up basin water I pour down a drain, unless there is nothing close by, in which case it will be thrown into a bush - generally with stray...
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    Re: I'm new to the group

    Looks like the diff lock indicator. Someone with the same vehicle will comfirm that, and whether it is supposed to show for a short while.

    Sometimes, if it is the diff lock left on, it will turn...
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    Re: Looking at buying my 1st bakkie

    My 2012 Tuna just clicked up 250k kilos, no issues with injectors.
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    Re: Delta From Main or reverse

    Remember that 3rd Bridge is impassible, will be for a long time, so Xakanaxa to 3rd Bridge camp is via South Gate. It's about 85km (4 hours) Vs a short hop.
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    Re: New park/reserve fees

    Killing the goose. Pricing is ridiculous, we will be looking elsewhere. Very short sighted from the parks authorities.
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    Re: National Luna Agent - Botswana

    I've sent you PM, very long shot unfortunately. Good luck. Have you tried phoning the agents in SA and asking them if they have contacts up there
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    Re: So who is going camping this weekend?

    They didn't hold back on the climbing in the first 18km, but nice altogether. Campsite was good as well, I will definitely go back, once they have fixed the road getting there. Even though we took...
  22. Re: Botswana road conditions A1/A14/A3 vs A2/A3 to Maun

    Did the same route, towing a Cheetah, roads are good with the occasional pothole. Roadworks have progressed well in the few places we saw going up in late May, finished by 20th June.

    Average 100...
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    Re: Accident Damaged Legend 50

    A mates Legend is in for repairs after a crash in Botswana. Much less damage than that, and I think his insurance's estimate is R180k. And his airbags did not deploy. It does include a specialised...
  24. Re: Border crossings into Botswana start July 2021

    This is current I believe.

    Edit - just realised that's probably the borders open to South Africa. But I do know there are NamBots posts open.
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    Re: So who is going camping this weekend?

    Heading for a relatively new campsite called Nyalazi, outside the Nyalazi Gate of Hluhluwe-Imfolosi Park. Riding in the Imfolozi-Stihl MTB race there on Saturday, 42km inside a Big 5 Park, lovely.
  26. Re: Khwai North gate campsite - what's it like?

    The campsite inside Moremi is very very nice. Sites are beautifully shaded, water available, showers and toilets neat and tidy (but not 5-star). Some of the sites are right on the river, choose them....
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    Re: Deep cycle batteries - anything new

    That's good info, I didn't know about the 98% charge restriction. I'll be sure to plug in the CTek in future. Might extend that to the van batteries as well, never know.
  28. Re: Recommendation - Oka Swamps Travel and Tours

    1. He is a commercial member here, he's entitled to advertise.

    2. I've just got back from Moremi and Khwai, he's 100% correct about the conditions. It's wet, extremely so. Take your chances of you...
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    Botswana authorities require a printed PCR Covid test no older than 72 hours to enter the country. I had to produce one when I left Botswana for South Africa on Friday last week. 4 people in the...
  30. Re: March 2021 South Africa Overland Trip Report

    Nice trip, great report.

    Best I get my A into G and start mine. I make copious notes while on the road and they come to naught when reality bites back home.
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    Re: Shower Bucket Thievery

    You don't accidently, or even on purpose, bypass security to go to these sites, they're many kilometres from the gates. This is campers, well, "campers". We've seen them, no interest in the wildlife...
  32. Re: 2010, 3.0 D4D, Furtuner the stealer and the Turbo

    Check the exhaust "coupling" on the turbo, something like that. I've got a little whine as well, my indi tells me there is a membrane type coupling that is blowing and causing the noise. Done 250k....
  33. Re: Advice needed on planning to buy and build a 4X4 for my Bots and Africa trips

    All the failed dual charging systems I've seen it is the battery charge sensor that's failed, not the solonoid. The solonoid is to trigger the relay which starts the secondary battery charging. I...
  34. Re: Advice needed on planning to buy and build a 4X4 for my Bots and Africa trips

    Are you going to run the equipment directly off the panels during the day and then turn them off between 4pm and 9am?
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    Sticky: Re: Cell Phone Camera Photo's - PLEASE contribute

    Sunset over the pan just outside 3rd Bridge, Moremi, a week ago. Filled my phone with the most stunning colours.
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