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    Sticky: Re: Botswana - Fuel Price

    Current Fuel Price in Northern Botswana (Muchenje) 18.09.2019:

    Diesel 50 - P9.68
    Petrol 95 - P9.67
    Petrol 93 - P9.55
  2. Re: Puma Filling Station in Muchenje now OPEN again (9 SEPT 2019)

    I Totally agree and the CEO of the new management company (Reddy Group) have made it abundantly clear to us that consistent fuel availability is the key to their success.

    Current Fuel Prices...
  3. Re: Puma Filling Station in Muchenje now OPEN again (9 SEPT 2019)

    Thats a good idea, however Fernie is no longer involved in the running of the Puma fuel station in Muchenje, the very experienced Reddy group have taken over management. The Reddy Group operate...
  4. Puma Filling Station in Muchenje now OPEN again (9 SEPT 2019)

    Good Morning All

    Just a quick update: the Puma Filling Station in Muchenje Village has just Officially re-opened and both Petrol and Diesel are available again.

    Happy Travels
  5. Re: Puma Fuel Station in Muchenje Village now Open

    Good Morning All Fellow 4x4 Enthusiasts

    The Puma Filling Station in Muchenje Village is now officially open again and has full tanks of Diesel and Petrol.
    No Credit Card facilities yet (09...
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    Re: Muchenje Filling station

    Good morning

    The filing station is open and under new management as of this month, September 2019. The gentleman leasing it owns 40 other fuel stations in Bots, as well as the new Caltex in...
  7. Re: Puma Fuel Station in Muchenje Village now Closed

    I'm not sure why he would say that, except maybe he does actually have fuel in the tanks but i can confirm that the fuel station is closed and has been for a couple months now. The office & shop is...
  8. Re: Puma Fuel Station in Muchenje Village now Closed

    We are not sure what the problem is and with respect to the owner would not like to speculate - we do however, very much hope he is able to re-open sometime soon. It was very convenient for us, our...
  9. Puma Fuel Station in Muchenje Village now Closed

    A friendly reminder to all self-drive enthusiasts visiting Northern Botswana and Chobe West - unfortunately the Puma Fuel station in Muchenje Village has recently closed and it is uncertain as to...
  10. Re: Accommodation in Chobe - Aside from Chobe Safari Lodge

    Good morning Don

    Here are some self-catering options in Kasane:

    Try Kasane Self Catering - however they only have 2 rooms that sleep 2 people each. Not sure if your...
  11. Re: Pretoria to Ngoma in 6 days - 23Jun18 - 29Jun18

    We are looking forward to meeting you!

    For any problems on the road from Pandamatenga to Chobe the Kasane Police number is - 002676252444.

    In most areas the accommodation where you are...
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    Re: Driving time from Khwai to Kasane

    We would love to have you to stay if it fits in with your trip. You can refuel at the Puma garage next door and then the following day do a full day trip through the Chobe National Park riverfront,...
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    Sticky: Re: Meat and Fruits/Vegetables in Botswana

    This is the commercial importation of vegetables into Botswana for resale. These do not apply to vegetables imported by individuals for personal use as far as I am aware.
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    Re: Fuel from Kasane to Maun

    The fuel station got a resupply yesterday 1/06/18 so all good if you are coming up in the next few days.

    Travel safely
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    Re: Fuel from Kasane to Maun

    They are having a problem with supply at the moment. No fuel as yet 1/06/18. I will let you know when they get their resupply in in case anyone is travelling this way soon.

    All the best
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    Re: 2019 trip - 1st timer

    Hi David

    You do not need to go through to Kasane to refuel if you are ok with everything else - food, drinks etc. There is a Puma garage in Muchenje Village which you will go past on your way...
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    Re: May 2018 trip

    Sorry Francois, it is awful when that happens :( There was a foot and mouth outbreak in the Chobe enclave at that time in 2015, hence the checkpoint and confiscation when going West to East through...
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    Sticky: Re: Meat and Fruits/Vegetables in Botswana

    They may well take it away on the Zim side of Vic Falls, they will definitely take it away on the Bots side of Pandamatenga. Best to buy and use in Kasane and again in Vic Falls.

    Safe travels...
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    Re: Francistown Roadworks?

    The fly over is complete, so no detours in town. However just make sure your GPS is updated, mine isn't and I haven't successfully negotiated the new spaghetti junction on the first try yet as the...
  20. Re: Current condition of roads in Moremi and Chobe.

    We are looking forward to meeting you!

    Herewith some really useful and recent info from the fantastic Lizette Swart from Roads to Roam:

    Just back from Botswana, herewith some info on the...
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    Sticky: Re: General Botswana Info

    Just remember we have a high sin tax on all alcohol, so you will find it much more expensive than RSA or Namibia and even Zim with their crazy US $ prices! Maybe it is a good idea for every member...
  22. Re: Mababe - Savuti - Muchenje - Kasane

    Good morning

    To go through Savuti via the Mababe gate and out of the Ghoha gate, you will need to pay park fees. I think this can usually be done at the Mababe gate. P120 per person and P50 for...
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    Re: Six Week botswana Trip


    Just check the Chobe Princess child policy. Some houseboats on the Chobe do not allow children under 12.

    For tiger fishing you can always pop over the Ngoma border post after Kasane...
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    Re: Puma garage at Muchenje

    I am so sorry that we missed you! We do close every February for maintenance, staff leave and because of the large amount of rain that we normally get at this time of year. Otherwise we are open...
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    Re: Puma garage at Muchenje

    The garage is working and only occasionally run out of diesel/petrol. The card machine works sporadically, network can be a problem in this area for the machines. You are welcome to give me a call...
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    Re: Be Mobile sim card

    You need to have it activated at the BTC office, as they operate Bemobile and will want your passport to register the sim. If you struggle to find it in Palapye or Serowe, Orange has pretty good...
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    Re: Is it raining in Bots?

    You are most welcome to pop in! 7.2km from the Ngoma gate along the tarred road to Kachikau which becomes sand to Savuti, we are on the right hand side just before the Puma fuel station. What is...
  28. Travelling advice over Easter: RSA to Maun/Chobe

    For anyone travelling up North over the next few weeks - just some tips I have learned from living here and travelling down/up at this time of year.

    Avoid Martin's Drift border post at this time...
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    Re: Is it raining in Bots?

    In Kasane/Chobe/Muchenje the persistent daily rains have eased and we are just getting a few thunderstorms in the afternoons. The river is lovely and high from the Zambezi flood and that gives us a...
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    Re: Botswana Trip Advise

    P.E to Khama in a day is not feasible. I used to drive Rhodes (Grahamstown) to Gabs in a day but that was over 15 hours driving, leaving at 4am and I never made it further than that before dark. ...
  31. Re: Self drive Kasane to Muchenje along the river

    Hi Karen

    We are looking forward to having you to stay. If you can get assistance at the Puma garage in Kasane to deflate the tyres, we have a pressure pump with a gauge to assist you to re...
  32. Re: October Itinerary Questions/Thoughts

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to our beautiful Botswana. Just remember that October really is the hottest month in Northern Botswana (over 40 deg C quite often) so remember to pack accordingly...
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    Re: Chobe - through my lens

    Absolutely beautiful. It makes me want to go on holiday here - even though it is where I live! Thank you so much for sharing
  34. Re: Joburg to Vic Falls via Francistown and Kazugula


    I have been advised (friends in Zim) to go via Kazungula, but the route through Pandamatenga is shorter. Anyone been that route and think it may be better? In the rainy...
  35. Re: Botswana Self-Drive - A little help & guidance please!

    Hi Andy

    We are rich in space, but 60km from Kasane. If you decide to leave it here you will need to get a transfer from this side through to the ferry (+/- P210 per person with an operator). You...
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