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    Re: Assistance with Etosha route

    We spent 2 nights at Olifantsrus, 1 at Okaukuejo, 1 at Halali, and 1 at Nabutoni. This worked well for us, as part of a long trip in which we visited a lot of parks/reserves. In the time you have Id...
  2. Re: Most fuel efficient 4x4 capable of doing dune trips

    Hmm - we have the same vehicle (well, it's a Montero not a Pajero but it's the same vehicle - 3.8L V6 LWB).
    If you're carrying 10 x 20L cans you have a total of 288L of fuel - this seems a lot more...
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    Re: Wankie game reserve - the early days

    A few memories sparked here - I first travelled through Hwange in 1974 - hitch-hiking from Botswana to Kenya over 2-1/2 months.

    My Uncle and his family also used to travel from Kitwe to Cape Town...
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    Re: Vic Falls from Namibia

    I think this makes sense. When you enter Botswana at Mohembo I suggest that you pay the extra and spent time in the park through which you travel rather than just transiting, then to Sehithwa, Maun,...
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    Re: Camping suggestions Caprivi strip

    One more suggestion - Shamvura Camp, at the west end of the strip. I good stopping place if you have come from Windhoek, Etosha, or Ruacana (or are returning). We enjoyed staying there.
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    Re: 23 day self drive

    For the segments for which we have good data:

    Kitulo to Lake Tanganyika - depends where on the lake however I recommend highly staying at Lakeshore Lodge at Kipili, which is an easy half day's...
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    Re: Kazangula Border Crossing Reportback

    Thanks for sharing - very helpful!

    I'm reminded of several other border crossings - in particular Malawi to Tanzania - wouldn't accept cash - had to be a credit card, but the credit card machine...
  8. Re: Advice needed on planning to buy and build a 4X4 for my Bots and Africa trips

    If you're going to travel alone or as two people then I suggest considering setting up a wagon to sleep inside. We've done this with our Montero (current, and have done a 10 month trip with it), and...
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    Re: Medical Rescue Insurance when Overlanding

    Yes indeed! We share driving 50/50 - 2 hours/2 hours (or 1 hour/1 hour in tough conditions. Either of us could take the vehicle more or less anywhere we want to go. I guess I do have more time in...
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    Re: Johannesburg-Botswana-Namibia

    What are the objectives of the documentary? The route will depend heavily on this - if it's wildlife then it will be a different route from one which might focus on the history of what I'm used to...
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    Re: Medical Rescue Insurance when Overlanding

    We have medical cover with evacuation from MAPFRE and ColSanitas, and take out an AssistCard as well.

    As noted, I suspect that nothing would happen unless a doctor says "yes" and I also imagine...
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    Re: Roundtrip Zambia

    As noted, it helps to know your interests, however to kick off with some reactions. McBride's Camp in Kafue is a gem. The new(ish) road from Shesheke to Mongu and from there to Kalabo makes Liuwa...
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    Re: Zambia Visa

    A couple of clarifying comments - probably unnecessary at this point however may be useful for others:

    1) The carnet extension normally involves three entities - the issuer (for us that's the...
  14. Re: July 2022 trip to Moremi - advice please

    Times, based on our travels:

    Xhumaga to South Gate - 4 hours (with no stops).
    South Gate to Xakanaxa - 5 hours (with frequent stops).
    Xakanaxa to Khwai - 7-1/2 hours overall ( with many stops...
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    Re: Fuel between Rakops and Maun

    ...which means that if there's none at Rakops you need to drive to Mopipi to fill up (if they have fuel). Not that far but you need to plan on this contingency.
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    Re: Would I be crazy to drive to Rwanda now?

    From where we sit Australia is doing a great job. Australia, with a population about half of ours, has had 30,207 Covid-19 cases in total in the pandemic; we had 30,000 new cases in one day last week!
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    Re: Advices about Tanzania

    When we went to Mahale we could not find a road there. We were told that there isn't one. You can drive to Lokomo, and maybe as far as Lagossa, from Kigoma and then you have to take a boat, which...
  18. Re: Botswana May 2021 - Valuable lessons learned

    I'm sorry that your experience in Savuti was not positive. We've been lucky I guess - last time we were there for 4 days, and really enjoyed every day. The wildlife has been prolific from our...
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    Re: Malaria meds

    Always a debate.

    I took prophylaxis for 4 decades, off and on - from Paludrine in SE Asia many years ago, through all of the others, including Lariam (for two years in the Congo (didn;t affect me...
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    Re: Sunday campsites

    We have a good shower - it's a rubber bag which you hang on a tree, awning, or other support; it has a filler opening a the top and a shower head with a valve at the bottom. Works well. It's packed...
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    Re: Would I be crazy to drive to Rwanda now?

    Aha - thanks for the link.

    I was also reflecting, now that the Kazungula bridge is open (although I don't know whether the border is) that the other option would be from JHB to Kazungula rather...
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    Re: Would I be crazy to drive to Rwanda now?

    Possible I think but pointless: Jo'burg to Beitbridge in a day, early start and Beitbridge to Victoria Falls in a day, day 3 cross into Zambia and head for Lusaka, Day 4 to Forest Inn, day 5 Forest...
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    Re: Would I be crazy to drive to Rwanda now?

    Once you get there it should be fine - they've had about the same total number of Covid-19 cases as we had yesterday!

    I agree with others though - I think the trip will be a continual frustration,...
  24. Re: Trip report: crossing the DRC by public transport

    Excellent! Thanks for posting.

    Lots of reminders of my two years in the (Republic of) Congo - quite different in many ways, but so many similarities!
  25. Re: Road from Linyanti to Chobe Safari Lodge

    Echoing what others have said - Kachikau to Chobe Safari Lodge is motorway - prior to that lots of deep sand. We haven't been recently, however I'd guess no more than 4 hours from Linyanti to...
  26. Sticky: Re: A collection of epic african overland journeys

    We met this couple in Western Zambia, off and on in various bits of Zambia, and lastly in Nyika Plateau. Have a look at the blog covers...
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    Re: Central Kalahari National Park

    re "Molema Bush Camp bush style campsites but unfortunately no self-drive in the game reserve allowed"

    True - however it's possible to do a walking safari, which is great. The view down over the...
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    Re: Mkushi to Lusaka alternate route

    The only time I've gone from Lusaka to Mkushi other than the GNR was many years ago scouting the Zambian Rally route - we left the GNR at Kabwe and headed east, rejoining the GNR at Mkushi. Took most...
  29. Re: Advice needed for Botswana tour driving times

    We took the sand ridge road from Mababe to Savuti - to be more accurate the road between the sand ridge and the marsh itself. The marsh road leaves this road and runs east of the marsh then loops...
  30. Re: Advice needed for Botswana tour driving times

    Here are some of our times (in italics) - hope this helps.

    8 June - Kubu to Deception valley, CKGR, 5 hours - From Kubu Gate to Mopipi 2-1/2 hours, Mopipi to CKGR Gate 2-1/2 hours, Gate to Kori...
  31. Re: Help with January Serengeti itinerary + Moru campsites closed

    I think that you need to spend time on the Mara River - the road there is beautiful from the junction near Bologonja and should be OK, although could be muddy in October. The other area which we...
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    Re: Kazangula bridge news

    As noted - about time. They were talking about a bridge when I was first at Kazungula in 1974, still talking on subsequent visits, and when we last crossed the river in 2017 (on a ferry which I swear...
  33. Re: Fuel consumption calculation for overlanding (planning stages)

    When I first started wandering into areas where fuel range and reserve were critical I recall learning that you never pass the point at which you've used half of your fuel unless you know for sure...
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    Re: Providing Water To Cats In CKGR?

    It's been said by others - agree completely.
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    Re: Global Nomadic Overlanders

    It is indeed unclear - or more accurately not explicit. The DVLA either hasn't considered the situation, or chooses not to bother with the tiny number of vehicles out of the country for long periods....
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