• Jimbe crossing into Angola

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    I have just arrived in Luanda after completing a 6 day drive through Zimbabwe and Zambia crossing through the Jimbe border post into Angola. There are a privileged few of us get to do trips like these as part of our work and I know that there are those out there who hate us for having to suffer these adventures whilst they are stuck in offices behind a computer with Google Earth opened on some other place that they would rather be. I must say I suffered terribly keeping the smiles off my face as I discovered one of the best bush tracks I have been on for years.
    I battled to find any current info about the Jimbe border crossing and have wanted to use this roar through North-west Zambia for years now. Here follows some facts and picks for those interested.

    • The Border crossing is well and active. It has a total of 2 officials on the Zambian side and 6 on the Angolan side. Everyone is very friendly and happy to tourists
    • The total time spent between the two posts was 30 minuets compared to the usual 3-4 hour wasted at Oshikango or any of the other larger gates. Our vehicle was hardly checked or opened. By far the easiest border post into Angola I have ever been through.
    • The road is best traveled in the dry season from end of May up until early November. Do not attempt this road in the Rain season unless you have time. 2-3 days!!!
    • Best to travel with no less than two vehicles in convoy as you hardly find any other vehicles on this road. (satellite phone!!!)
    • Last cell reception is at the border. Nothing after that for at least 300km up to Luau
    • Luau is currently an 8-hour drive, but could turn into a three-day trip in the rainy season.
    • The bush track lasts for about 165km and thereafter the road improves due to ongoing national road and infrastructural development. I believe that the 165km bush track will remain as is, but the last 145 km to Luau will soon all be tarred as parts of it already is.
    • The bush track took us ±5 and half hours.
    • A good place to sleep the night before is at the Zambezi source. There is a lovely campsite that costs $15US pppn. There are no facilities and you need to be totally self-sufficient. Campsite is big enough for 3-4 cars. A little further down the road in the direction of the border, there is a nature reserve that was not on ay of my maps. We also did not have time to go in and visit but they might have a camping site should you have more vehicles. It will cost you $20US to see the source of the Zambezi. The officials at the site don’t carry change for you $100US bill. Make sure that you have the correct amount of money with you.
    • On the Angolan side we slept next to the road. The area is very rural and very safe. Especially when in convoy. From here on there are several camping places at Calandula falls and at Pedras Negras in Pundo Andongo.

    To me this is a great new entry point into the country and a excellent place from which to start a trip down towards the south. I hope that this short report will help those interested in using this route.

    11° 6'41.88"s 24° 1'33.27"e
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    A short video of part of the road

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