• Family visit to Vic Falls - Trip Report

    I finally get time to do a short report on our recent trip to Vic Falls. It is a follow up on this thread that I started to get information when I was planning for it.
    Firstly thank you to everyone for the information that you supplied. The link http://www.victoriafalls-guide.net/v...ctivities.html provided by Dandesha was super and had a lot more than the activities at the falls. A must for planning a trip to this great place. It is just not good on weather reports and I have found this one better - http://www.weather-forecast.com/locations/Victoria-Falls/forecasts/latest .
    I will put in a few links to photos in the report but for those who want to see more, please go to http://www.pbase.com/lirritma/vic_falls . (If you hunt around you will also find photos of my recent trip to Kgalagadi).

    Trip report.

    Day 1
    We arrived at the Vic Falls airport after flying over Botswana with great views over the dry pans. I was unfortunately seated next to a nice American gentleman who told me that it was his first trip to the falls as well and then he will be going on a hunting safari to target a leopard – made me sick.
    We were taken to the old Vic Falls Hotel which still has its Old Colonial feel. The service was good, the rooms spacious and the location great. We were looking into a courtyard area where they grow their own herds and veggies for the restaurants. A huge male baboon was chased away when it came in and started to feast on the spring onions. My son wasn’t happy because he enjoyed sitting so close to it. Here are a few photos. The first is of the courtyard.
    Link to larger version
    This one is a panorama of the face of the hotel that overlooks the bridge. It has a large lawn with lovely trees. Great to see the sunrise from here and to have a sundowner – or 3 o’clock high tea.
    Link to larger version
    This is a view towards the bridge in the afternoon from the Terrace restaurant.
    Link to larger version

    The one thing that I noticed from the Vic Falls guide is that it is one of the few places in the world where you can see a lunar rainbow. It wasn’t planned like that, but our trip just happened to be at full moon when this happens. Our first experience of the falls was therefore at night at full moon. This was really special and I got some photos of it. This one over the main falls
    Link to larger version
    … and this one at the Devil’s Cataract
    Link to larger version
    We were soaking wet from the spray and luckily I planned for a sleeve to put my camera in and took the tripod with for these photos (10 second exposures). We closed the day off with a great dinner at the Hotel.
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