• CKGR Trip Report

    27th-31st Ckgr

    Left Gabs at 6am on the 27th and arrived at Rakops River Lodge at around 2.30pm 650km later. Road was lovely all the way, even with two gravel detours about 80km out of Serowe on road to Letlhakane. Rakops river campsite, was adequate, and the staff helpful, at P130/nt very reasonable, only there are no views of the river, with a big fence across, and the firewood I bought there was not 'motswiri' leadwood, but a soft acacia I'd say, but the bundles were huge at P20. Left at 5am for Matswere Gate, the road was fine, and arrived at about 630, and had to wake the guard.

    Barn owls roosting in the ladies, and one flew down and landed on me, so had to try and put it back on the wall. The road from Matswere was also not too bad, saw a spring hare on the way. Kori campsite was easy to find, and after setting up camp went to Deception valley loop, deception pan and the roads were alright, only large clay ridges that needed a little concentration to navigate. Bat eared foxes were everywhere, and really loved seeing them, together with secretary birds, burchells fowl, giraffe, mongoose, and the prevalent ground squirrels. First day was great, and next day went to Letiahau water hole - drive was quite easy, and varied wildlife. Had my hammock out for a midday siesta and the smells of the ckgr and birds are just a total heavenly break. Afternoon went to Leopard pan, and took the passarge valley turn by mistake, and had to make a quick return to avoid nightfall.. luckily saw a leopard on the way back, and lots of eagle owls on the road.

    Next morning one of the tyres was flat - and it was the valve, so changed that, and decided to take it easy and just go to sunday pan water hole and wait there.. but only wildebeest and gemsbok were having a go at eachother, the road to sunday pan via tau pan road was also rather sandy, and corrugated, more difficult than the leopard pan route, plus no animals whatsoever. Left sunday pan around 3.30 and about 5km from the campsite, got another puncture, and had been going a slow 15-20km missing all roots, but obviously not all of them. Got my mini air compressor and managed to get back to camp.. thank goodness I'd brought 2 spares! Anyway to calm my rather anxious mind, I had a go with the tyre repair kit on the second flat, what a joke! Those things are hellish. Anyway after covering myself with rubber and glue, eventually managed and had a lovely sleep with glue a predominant

    background smell. Next morning packed up, crossed fingers there would be no more punctures and travelled the 740km back to Gabs making it just after 730.

    Wheww.. not one I'll be doing alone again I think, but enjoyed it all...

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