• Quick trip report Lesotho 2 Aug

    Did our first trip to Lesotho the past weekend. It was booked a while ago to show the kids some snow, which there obviously wasn't

    Trip from Benoni to Oxbow took under 5 hours, leaving at 1 and arriving still with good light. Must say I'm glad we made the effort to arrive in the day as that pass at night could be a interesting. The drive down was fine, border crossing painless. We were prepared for roadblocks but did not encounter any.

    We arrived at Oxbow expecting rusting accomodation and that was what we got. Supper was bit difficult with fussy kids but they managed. Next day we woke up to -5.... quick brekkie and off to Afriski. Touareg didn't like starting in such cold temperatures but fired up eventually. On the drive to Afriski the temps dropped to -7 before climbing up to about 0 when we arrived there.

    The day was spent bum boarding with the kids (next time we'll book some ski lessons). We were impressed with the Afriski facilities and the restaurant was very good. At about 3 we called it a day, SWAMBO wasn't feeling well and the kids were tired out so we decided to rather book out early and head home.

    All in all a nice (if short) weekend out. Next time we will try get into Afriski itself for accomodation.

    Driving through Lesotho was beautiful and painful. Stunning scenery offset by poverty.
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