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Old 09-05-11, 08:02 AM
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Default 2.8TD Pajero - white smoke on start-up

Hi guys,

During the cold months our 2.8TD Pajero has a bit of a tough time getting going in the mornings (like most of us, I guess...)

The engine will kick into life at the turn of the ignition. No problems there.

However, lots of white smoke (actually a cloud). This persists for about 30 seconds, and mostly disappears after about 4-5 mins (i.e. once the engine has warmed up). During the warm-up period, engine sounds a bit rough, but soon settles down. We are very easy on the accelerator until she has warmed up.

I don't really have a problem in the summer months (or at least it is not as bad).

The vehicle is services regularly (everk 5k) and we change oil filters, etc. Oil used is Delo 400 multigrade.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks !
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Old 09-05-11, 08:15 PM
Haydn Haydn is online now
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White diesel smoke is caused by un burnt fuel.

Possible causes; firstly and most often the glow plugs are faulty or not functioning at all.
also look at the injectors dribbling and over fuelling along with the pump timing.


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Old 10-05-11, 02:39 AM
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I agree with Haydn, glow plugs are 90% the cause. I am also replacing mine in about 2 weeks. Come winter time they show their true working condition.

Just be ready for the big shocker, I bought mine last month from Midas and they cost R449 EACH, almost R2000 for the four glow plugs.

What I usualy do when my glow plugs is shot and just before I change them is to add some Spanjaart Injector Cleaner to a full tank and only when tank is driven completely empty I change the glow plugs. Reason being that I have found that Injector Cleaner is not good for glow plugs.

Some members have different views on additives, but this works for me and it helps to improve fuel consumption.

BTW, the glow plugs you want to get are NGK CY-55, ceramic coated tip. They will last you a very long time. Don't go cheap, not worth it.

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