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Old 28-05-10, 02:48 PM
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Default gear box oil change on defender td5

Hi guys

I took my landi for a service today.
According to the mac she's ready for mozam without any problems

I was just wondering, I had them do the diff and gearbox oils, with the gearbox only costing 120. How often do you guys think one should change it? Every service? Or would that be too much? What would the benefits be of doing this every service?



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Old 28-05-10, 07:54 PM
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For R120 they may have used the wrong oil (I hope he did not use EP90 or some such?)... or a cheap mineral oil I would think. The R380 box in the Defender shows VAST improvements in shift quality with decent synthetic oils. I just replaced my main box and T-Case oil with Castrol BOT402 (My T-Case takes the same oil, yours won't) which is synthetic and I convinced the local Autozone down to R50 for the 500ml bottle. So at R100/l that was a R600 job but well worth it.

Most recommended box oil in SA for our conditions is the Castrol VMX for mineral and the MTF for synthetic but the MTF was replaced by the BOT402.

As to how often to replace, well, if you do lots of wet and muddy offroad work then maybe stay with the 'cheaper' oils and replace often, otherwise, get a nice synthetic for the main box. Makes shifting oh so easy... You can also get fancy synthetic oils for up to R180/l.

Your main box oil should be at least ATF Dextron 3 spec. I would check that invoice and make double sure they didn't fill with too thick an oil.

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Old 29-05-10, 07:36 PM
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Default Cheap oil

Hi Jean,

At R120 for oil they more than likely used something similar to cooking oil - I'll be very suspicious of whatever they put in there.

I've just had to redo my whole gearbox because I managed to "cook" it on the wasy to Moz towing a offroad caravan. - 17K later I now only run on synthetic stuff. The normal mineral oil starts cooking at about 210 degrees C. After that the oil just gives up - the rest of the gearbox follows soon after that.

I will have to go check the exact spec's of the oil in my box but the oil alone costs almost R1000. Although I have been assured that this is now good for another 30 000 k's.

If you do not have an EMS fitted that checks the oil temperature (I've had mine modified now) I would insist on a decent oil in the gearbox.


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Old 29-05-10, 08:04 PM
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the Disco manual box (same as the Defender box) runs ATF in the main box with SAE 90 in the transfer case. the gearbox oil is cooled through the oil cooler. if the oil used in the gearbox is too thick, the oil will not circulate through the cooler and will run hot.
many motor mechanics especially those not familiar with the Land Rover boxes will tend to run SAE 90 which will destroy the box.
i use Dextron D2 which is a good quality and works.
if you wish to use the fully synthetic version, no harm but atthe price you paid i suspect they only topped up.


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