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Old 13-08-09, 12:14 PM
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Default V8 electric fan mod

Can anybody please give me some advice on how to go about replacing the original fan with an electric unit. is it worth it, ito increase in power and what does it cost?


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Old 13-08-09, 01:22 PM
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Yu should have 2 electric fans on the outside as factory fitment. Mine has.

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Old 13-08-09, 02:33 PM
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The ones on the outside is for the air con. Yes you can fit two electric fans. Measure the radiator and fit the biggest fans you can get hold of. You need to fit a fan switch in the radiator on radiator hose. I used a combi 2.1 fan switch. If you search the forum it has been discussed before
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Old 14-08-09, 06:05 AM
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How do you get the electric fans to work on a switch besides only for the aircon?

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Old 14-08-09, 07:33 AM
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My 2 electric fans come on to when the transmission oil gets to hot or when the motor is running hot even when the aircon is not on. There is a switch on the thermostat housing for water temp and there is a switch on the transmission line near the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side of the vehicle.


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Old 14-08-09, 11:34 AM
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Go onto the nissan forum and check out Pierre aka freakazoid's mod to a Nissan Patrol. Works well and some good ideas in there.

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Old 16-08-09, 09:39 AM
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The general process is quite simple: you need a thermo switch, a nut that matches the switch, a short length of steel tube with the same outside diameter as the inside diameter of the water hose, a fan or 2, some hi-amperage automotive wire, some fuses and fuse holders.

You get the nut welded to an appropriate position on the steel tube. You'll need to make sure there is a large enough hole on/in the tube behind the nut so that coolant reaches the thermo switch (had mine welded and hole cut at a exhaust firm where I got the S/S pipe section: cost R50 for labour). Cut the water hose (I prefer the hose that is bringing coolant from the engine, some say use the return hose), and install the steel tube with good quality clamps (I use irrigation clamps, those jubilee clamps don't work for me).
You then either wire the fans up to an "accessory" power supply, or if you're lazy, straight off the battery: positive --> fuse --> switch terminal A --> switch terminal B --> fan --> earth. Be careful putting this straight onto the harness, as current draw could be high depending on the fan rating.
Easy to disconnect for river crossings: just pull the fuse.

So as soon as the thermo switch closes, there is power to the fans. Yes, this way the fan will run after the ignition is off, but having run this system on a Nissan Sani V6 for almost a year, I never saw the fan run for more than 1 minute after the engine was switched off (even after a 160 kph run from Rustenburg to Pta on the new N4).

Biggest challenges:
- fan/s and their sizes
- fan cowling/s

I ran a large diameter single fan. Some guys run dual small diam fans. The large diam fan has one advantage: standard fan cowling can be used with mods. Dual fans require some fabrication of cowlings to make sure that there is proper airflow. In my case, I used HD zipties to connect the fan to the stock cowling.

Benefits: 5-10kW power saving, 10% fuel saving, less noise when active than a visco, cheaper to replace, easier to deactivate for water crossing.
Negatives: some say electrical fan/s don't flow enough air at speed or under heavy load (deep sand, heavy towing).
But I know racing vehicles that don't even run fans for hi speed driving, relying on standard air flow over the radiator core. If your engine overheats at speed, it's probably running lean or you have some other problem like ignition advance timing.
The other issues are possible: that's why I must say that I never tested my system under heavy 4x4 conditions.
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Old 05-09-09, 03:04 PM
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the most successful fan conversion is the 2 speed fan unit from a BMW 735 or 740 or 535. you could also fit a Kenlowe fan unit designed for the landrover. these may have to be imported from the UK but I'm sure there are some local guys that have stock
the BMW fans are extremely powerful and the 2 speed thermoswitch kicks in at 2 different temp settings. speaking under correction but the first around 88 and the next at around 93. this means that normally with town driving, the 1st speed only will run while when pushing the engine eg offroad driving, the second speed will kick in.


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Old 06-09-09, 07:04 PM
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You can also use a 2.1 kombi fan which is also 2 speed

I used the normal midas fan on my disco 1 3.9 i used two fans and never had any problems in the sand dunes or mountain passes or even towing. I ran mine without a cowling.
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Old 29-10-09, 01:36 PM
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Will this be the same for a disco 2 v8?

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Old 29-10-09, 02:21 PM
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Ek het op die ford n Alfa switch gebruik, hy skop in op so 65 gradeC


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Old 07-11-09, 08:05 PM
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Did you guys really notice any improvement in power and fuel consumption with removing the original fan ?
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Old 07-11-09, 09:17 PM
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Did this mod on my LC. 2 x RunX fans and it works a treat. Fitted the thermal switch into a piece of s/steel tubing as well. The only thing I did different is that I fitted a 2 way switch into my line, so now I have a 3 way selection.
1. Auto - The thermal switch controls the fans on at 85degC and off at 80degC
2. Off - I did this so that when I go through water, the fans are off.
3. On - This is to force them on. Use this with the aircon.

PS. Make sure that you build a proper cowling. This is VERY VERY important.

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