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Old 12-11-13, 02:29 PM
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Default Touareg V10 Gearbox

Guys, a good friend of mine`s 2005 V10 Touareg`s gearbox went out with a bang this morning in Midrand. Of cause we dont know exactly what happened, but it is not working at all so we suspect major damge.

Where can he go for a rebuild box on the Reg, or where can he get his box repaired. Do any of you perhaps had this done in the past? Price? etc etc etc...

As you can see I am a Defender guy, so we need the help of the Reg drivers out there please.

I have already told him to get rid of the Reg and by a Defender, so no need to go there.

I am on my way out so if I dont come back, dont worry I will at some stage.

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Old 12-11-13, 02:56 PM
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Can't compare a Treg and a Defender. Many things the Treg will do better and vv... I'll take a Treg for transporting my family, thnx.

See this thread for a Treg gearbox specialist:


Stange that it broke, not common at all. My guess it's actually a small electronic problem.

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Old 12-11-13, 04:21 PM
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have the box scanned with VCDS ASAP.

I have never heard of a major failure on the touareg gearbox. The only failures reported are the valve chest (which I think is the problem) and it's an easy, albeit slightly pricey, fix.


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