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Old 10-04-13, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by dieselfan View Post
Eggie look at the Beaufort scale strong winds aren't close to gale force
Why do you even bring up Beafort scale and gale force winds?

The OP mentioned "there were other 'lapa's' that remained damageless."

I would therefore ask:
1. For what purpose is this product supposed to be used for?
2. Did the OP use it correctly?
3. How would you be able to prevent poles from bending should the wind blow?

And my answers to the above would be:
1. To be used to shield against "strong winds".
2. Apparently yes.
3. ? This only HM can tell us - if they cared, but they do not seem to.

Dirk mentioned:
The channel of communication should be local outlet who sold the product, then their head office, and finally the manufacturer.

Dieselfan - do agree with this?
A simple yes or no would do.


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Old 10-04-13, 03:52 PM
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If you see my earlier posts, you'd have your answer as to why I say Gale force and mention the scale. The local weather station... and yes I do agree as per my earlier posts with the procedure to follow.

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