KZ-TE Suspension Upgrade

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    Default KZ-TE Suspension Upgrade

    Hi Guys

    Im pretty new to all this and Im trying to understand how the suspension on my vehicle works and what are the best options available in terms of upgrades.

    I've always maintained that the standard wheels on my KZ-TE look a bit small.
    I would like to beef up and improve the suspension and ground clearance, but Im not entirely sure where to start. What are my options ?
    Bigger tyres, new springs / shocks, body life kits etc etc

    Please could you help and give pro's / con's for the various options.

    Much appreciated.

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    Hi Wayne


    The normal tyre size for the KZ is 245/75 R15(or 30 9.5 R15)
    You can fit 265/70or75(not exactly sure) R15 (or 31 10.5 R15 without modifications if I'm correct.

    This will definetly increase your vehicles height. +- 20mm

    This is the first mod I'll do on a 4x4.

    If you still need more clearance you can the fit OME, IRonman, TJM, Mikem ETc Etc suspension. This will give you an additional 50mm clearance.

    20mm and 50 mm doesn't sound like much but will make a huge difference.
    Your vehicle would also be a little heavier on fuel.

    Good luck!

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    I'm no expert but I have the SRX , basically the same bakkie

    I have the 31 BFG's AT on , upped the torsion bar a bit (make sure to get this done at a wheel fitment centre don't want to lose an arm) got excellent service from the guys at Tiger Wheel Centurion. When turning sharp the inside did catch on the stabilizer bar as well as the mudflaps , but the guys fixed it. I also removed the stabilizer bar at the front , gives some articulation but then affects the body roll so if you don't like body roll don't do it.

    Wait on the suspension upgrade , rather spend a few bucks and get your blade springs re-tensioned I'll be doing this sometime soon (my bakkie se gat hang :P)

    If you want ride comfort take a look at Camil suspension , very good and after sales service is great (just search the forum)

    Just my 2c

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