Diff Lock Light flashing

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    Default Diff Lock Light flashing

    Hope someone can assist I was driving my 2004 Ranger 4.0 auto on the highway over the weekend, doing about 120 km/h, and the diff lock light started flashing. The diff lock switch was off and I know when the diff lock is engaged that the diff lock light is steady and does not flash. I tried to read this up in the manual but there is nothing regarding this. My only thought could be is that the diff oil is low and this is a warning ?? I checked the level and as soon as I removed the sump bolt the oil started running out so the level is correct. Any ideas ?

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    This defintely sounds like an electrickery problem. By the looks of it, it could be a dirty or faulty switch, albeit not the activation switch itself.

    Start by checking the wiring from the diff forward and look for faults.
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