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    4ePikanini Guest


    Oops. I'll go get my brains at De Kraal tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ePajero View Post
    Reg no's!
    Gerhard !! i must say you are always on the ball hey !, i had a hunch you would get it, but the pikinin might just have to work it out.


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    4ePajero Guest


    Of all the 12? vehicles on the trail, my Pajero was the 'least' equipped, with two open diffs.

    Second most spartan was 4ePikanini's with only a LSD at the back.
    The other vehicles had at least a locked rear diff.

    My Pajero made all but one of the obstacles. It had more than enough power, but the obstacle had a double shelf near the top, with a 'hole' in it, right on the line of the RHS wheel track. Every time the Pajero dropped a wheel into that hole, it lost traction.
    Ralph says I could have made it had I given it more stick and not driven it like a 'moffie'.

    4ePikanini made it through / up / down all the obstacles except the one cross-axle ditch. I had the privilege of gently pulling him out of it.

    In the muddy conditions on the very slippery clay, the difference in tyres was very clear. The vehicles with muds had a distinct advantage, while the vehicles with 'Highway' tyres had the most fun!
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    I must say I was impressed with the turnout on Saturday. For Sunday the conditions had improved dramatically and I couldn't help thinking that Barto, Chris and Dirk missed out on a treat doing the river route. Here are some of my pics of Sunday.
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    Don't worry, we'll be there soon enough
    Chris Meistre

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    Thanks again Ralph. Had a good time. Can you please PM me Ryan's (from Mitsu) email address. Want to maybe do a trip or two with them in future. Thanks.

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    4ePikanini Guest


    Some more pictures from the professional photographer on the trail - Craig Muller

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    4ePikanini Guest


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