Still looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Check out our brand new range of Wuben Flashlights & Tactical Penlights, perfect for the adventurous man!

Wuben Tactical Penlight
R 645.00

The Wuben Tactical Penlight is exactly what the name suggests. A high-quality tactical penlight that can be used in self-defense, breaking glass windows, in case of an emergency, writing and can be used as a handy flashlight.
Its aerospace-grade aluminum construction renders it up to the rigors of daily use while a high output 130 lumens LED light, and has a runtime of 6 hours.

Wuben TO46R Flashlight

R 895.00

The Wuben TO46R Flashlight is part of the USB rechargeable outdoor series, best used for camping, searching, outdoor activities, and security.
This flashlight projects a bright evenly spread, flood beam, it's lightweight, compact and has a max output of 1 300lumen and a maximum beam distance of 135 metres.

Wuben TO40R Flashlight
R 845.00

The Wuben TO40R Flashlight is a USB rechargeable outdoor series flashlight used best in camping, outdoor activities, and security. This new flashlight projects a bright focused spot beam, it's lightweight and compact with a max output of 1 200lumen and a maximum beam distance of 220 metres.