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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieterk View Post
    Whaaat And waste a whole box of sika?
    I am not too concerned, but then, i do not know enough to be concerned. Ignorance is bliss.
    Would the galvanic reaction also need air/ oxygen for a reaction to take place. Is it a chemical reaction as in corrosion/ oxidation or is it something else? How fast will this take place?
    I will have to ask Google to explain the phenomenon.
    Whatever it is, this is as per Google:
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    I don't think that galvanic corrosion will pose a problem here. (Unless you leave your trailer parked for long periods of time at the coast, subject to daily drenchings with spray). The sailing industry has been dealing with the stainless/aluminium/galvanised problem for many years without significant nor costly drama.

    Keep the different metals separated as you are doing, avoid seams/pits where water can accumulate, and avoid using the body or frame as any form of electrical path. For all your electrical work bring all neutral or negative wiring back to the distribution point, and keep all cables well protected.

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