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    Our tarp is close enough to the tent's footprint, so that works for us too.

    One thing I did not mention, is having 2 small "dirt trapper" mats to put down. Very handy, especially when it is rainy outside.
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    I jus bought a ground sheet from 4x4 Megaworld that provides the conventional ground sheet use but enough to go underneath the tent as well. It's a Desert Products banded one. Will that not provide sufficient protection to the underneath of the tent? The guys at the shop reckon it will.

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    We (family of 5) use 2 Oztent RV3s, usually set up facing each other with the awnings joined with what I think they call a caravan strip which allows you to zip the awnings together and even has a built in downpipe to direct rain water away from the tents.

    We use the Tentco roll up foam mattresses, and find them quite comfortable (far better than inflatables).

    I use a piece of shade-netting under the tents (footprint around 2m x 8m) which is big enough to fit under both tents and the space between them.

    This setup gives us quite a big area under cover for when we need shade or it is raining.

    I always keep the vents above the door open, and use the supplied ropes to keep the bottom of the rear window open, even in the coldest weather and this solves most of the condensation problems.

    The older of the 2 tents is at least 10 years old and the newer one around 8 or 9 years old. Both purchased from Bud Morris who was the cheapest by quite some margin.

    These tents have been through some extremely violent storms where dome tents were blown away with their contents, and caravans and caravan tents badly damaged, without any damage to them. Now and again I've had to repair a small hole and have simply used a piece of ripstop canvas glued on with contact adhesive.
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    RV-4 with a pvc ground sheet, then a netted 6x2 something ground sheet over it. If it's dirty / wet, square groundsheet for inside.

    Use self inflating mattresses, and speed up the process with a mattress pump from the car. Might get some light stretchers and would definitely use something for the feet if we do.

    Awning poles are too short so use them for the front window, bought longer ones for the main one. Be careful of which ones you buy as the eyelets are small.

    Have a 7ah battery that sits in the tent and light attached that can last for a week of nights. The slot for power is useful.

    We always sleep with at least one of the tiny windows open and have had no condensation issues. Have got a disposable dehumidifier if it becomes and issue during a rainy camping session.

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