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    Quote Originally Posted by EXPLORER View Post
    Sakkie, absoluut ongelooflik. maar ek dink die fotograaf het `n groot rol in die geval gespeel.
    Daai 200mm wat agter die kamera is, is die belangrikste van alles.

    MAAR, die kamera moet skerp kan focus. 'n 100x zoom help jou absoluut niks as sy focus nie skerp bly nie. Vir stilhou is daar tripods vir lang skote, maar aan focus kan jy niks doen nie. Die kamera het dit, of hy het dit nie.

    Dieselfde met pixels. As jy meer pixels het as wat jou lens kan gebruik mors jy jou geld.

    My FZ1000 is 'n meesterstuk, vir wat ek hom voor gebruik. DUUR, maar as ek weer moet opdok, dan doen ek.
    Sakkie Coetzee

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    EXPLORER, I made a case for sticking with the Canon brand.... but hearing your situation I understand the predicament....

    The Lumix FZ300 is the next step up.... more than the SX60 at R10,000..... but once you go there, the FZ1000 goes for R15,000 a big jump from where you started.... but it's got a bigger sensor.... and Sakkie's pictures give you some idea of the capabilities

    You could try to justify that price by saying you will not have to upgrade for twice as long next time.... (I'm just thinking aloud as to how I would explain that purchase to my wife)

    It sounds like you don't have accessories for the Canon (external flash) so changing brands is just the learning curve

    Holding thumbs for a good deal out there.....

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    Panasonic FZ1000. All Leica with 25-400 lense. Beats most on market lately. Around R14k
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    I have been using Canon SLR equipment from age 16 (that was 36 years ago). Went from A-1, F-1n, EOS-1, EOS-1n, EOS-1v to the EOS-1D(s) mk camera's. My biggest problem with these camera's and mainly lenses is travelling with them by air. Try bringing a 300/2.8 and a 500/4 lens aboard an airliner these days. Besides air travel another disadvantage of big camera and especially lenses is carrying them around when travelling. When going into a supermarket in South Africa or even Botswana, I don't like the idea of leaving me expensive stuff in the vehicle. Not just because of the value, but mainly because when it gets stolen I won't be able to photograph on that trip. And that is basically the reason for the trip in the first place. So I end up walking through the supermarket with a big backpack with sometimes 10-15 kilos of equipment. That is just not really comfortable.

    So last year for a Botswana trip I decided to buy a bridge camera. The one I bought was the Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000. I must say the picture quality did really impress me. And it still keeps impressing me. It is a wonderful all-round camera and the Leica zoom lens together with the 1 inch sensor give incredible image quality. I really like this camera but for me it is just a bit too small as I am used to the big SLR bodies. I would prefer to fit the FZ1000 with a battery grip, but sadly such a thing does not exist.

    My wife decided on a Canon SX60 camera and she loves it. I was impressed by the image quality and options. The image quality may not be as perfect as the FZ1000 but it is very good. And she has much more reach in the zoom lens. FZ1000 goes to 400mm equivalent, SX60 goes to about 1200mm. My kids both also wanted a camera but preferable cheaper than the SX60, so they decided on a Lumix FZ72 and a Samsung WB2200F. Lenses and sensors of these cameras are very much alike the SX60. So image quality is about equal. The difference is mainly in options and handling features.

    Eventually I ended up using the FZ1000 and just one Canon dslr body with 300/2.8 on that trip. But still, when we went into a shop I was carrying a big backpack with about 10 kilos. My wife and children each had a tiny backpack with hardly any weight. That made a big difference.

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