Good day Ladies and Gents

I need to tap into your knowledge and experience.

I am currently working overseas and will likely be returning to SA permanently during 2018 at the end of my current contract.
Amongst my duties while on overseas posting is the presentation of off-road 4x4 training for our personnel.
That does not pose any real issues as there is no legal entity governing said training here.

Once back in SA I definitely will need to gather some sort of official qualification as a driver instructor and more than likely register with some sort of governing body if I wish to do this line of work in SA.

Can anybody guide me in the right direction here:
1) Is there a registered training academy where I can attend an off-road 4x4 driving Instructor's Course?
2) What does the registration process entail and with which governing body do I need to register?

Any inputs and guidance will be highly appreciated.