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    Default Re: Disco 1 300TDI Engine Advice - Replacement engine wanted


    - complete second hand engine coming in from a LR shop in Sommerset West on Thurs/Fri. They're doing compression testing today, blanking off the EGR for me, fitting on silicone hoses and shipping it over
    - the mech who's working on my van is actually digs landies - he drives a D3 TDV6 and he's happy to work with me
    - we're having the clutch checked as advised (thanks)
    - I'm sending the exhaust manifold off to powerkote in CT tomorrow
    - The recon turbo on my original engine is being sent of to Turboclinic in PE to be re-engineered for a bigger impeller (thanks hgbosch)

    The person I spoke to at Turbo Clinic advised not to ceramic coat the turbo because he said there is a chance of cracking (of the coating I imagine) and potentially damaging the turbo - but I'm still keen to have this done - but it would have to wait for now.

    The guy who is arranging the engine has a little black box, but as far as I understand the lbb does not have a monitor for exhaust gas temp. which is one of the more important readings - so I'm still going for the madman unless anyone advises differently.

    Does anyone know of the company in George that does the drop in replacement custom high flow intercooler for the D1 Tdi? I remember seeing an advert around here a while ago.

    I'm also going to rebuild the current engine with the blown cylinder head. Going to get it done properly. New cylinder head with port matching to the manifold. It would be really cool to get one of those gas flowed heads that Turner Engineering sells in the UK. Change the sleeves and maybe new pistons if the current ones don's pass the tests.

    That's all for now.

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    Default Re: Disco 1 300TDI Engine Advice - Replacement engine wanted

    Good luck, sounds like you're on the right track.
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