Pajero Sport tyre upgrade

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    Default Pajero Sport tyre upgrade

    Hoping for some tyre advice please?

    My 3.2 Sport came with Velocity Raptor tyres 265/65/R17.
    Yesterday while on the False Bay coastal road I had a puncture on the front, and before I could stop safely the sidewall was torn.
    Not sure if it was because I had to go about 200m before pulling over, or if these tyres have weak sidewalls?
    The remaining tyres still have a bit of tread left.
    The reviews on the Velocity Raptor aren't great as far as I can see, so I'm not that keen to stick with them.
    I would like to get a tyre that is used as a spare for now, that I can then upgrade all the tyres later to.
    I use the Sport mainly for trips in the Cederberg, a bit of sand (Bok Punt) and a bit of town driving.
    I posted this in the Mitsubishi forum but perhaps it's better here?

    Any recommendations??

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    Default Re: Pajero Sport tyre upgrade

    I have yokohama geolandar G012 on my pajero and very happy with them. Did some proper off road, lots of gravel and lots of tar and also sand.
    Recently my daughter (13) ripped the sidewall of one. Went today to get a spare and found out that they have been discontinued and upgraded with the new G015. Looks really good and price not bad either.
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    Default Re: Pajero Sport tyre upgrade

    Can't give advice, but happy with general grabbers on my PS in that exact same size. Almost at 30000km (the tyres).

    I did however get a puncture during december close to prieska, sharp little rock right through tyre but it held up into town (only saw the almost flat tyre after going to spar and walking back to vehicle) and luckily could have it fixed at a tyre workshop. Was very greatful.
    2010 Pajero Sport

    2011 Triton 3.2 C/C 4x4 (sold, excellent vehicle)

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