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    Quote Originally Posted by JanB View Post
    We all hate to admit it, but for most people it makes more sense to have a sensible sedan for 95% of your travels and commutes and then rent a 4x4 for the times you will actually need it.

    Wanting a 4x4 is a completely different matter and there is nothing wrong with that. Life is not all about saving every last cent. You might as well enjoy life while you can.
    I'd like to see what sedan legally seats 7.........which is the OP's requirement.
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    Default Re: Buying a 4x2 or 4x4 ---Please help

    The OP stated in his initial posting that he would consider a Fortuner but will not be able to afford a low-mileage vehicle. Which brings me to a question that may not have a good answer.

    If assuming a modern 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 l diesel motor (as found in all Jap bakkies and SUV's nowadays) that is always serviced as per schedule by the agents, even after expiry of motorplan & warrantee, the vehicle is driven in a proper fashion and also not including items like alternators and starter motors that will fail - what ( km wise ) would the life expectancy of these motors be?

    PLEASE, this is not about your brand of choice as they are all inherently good these days - but a question which should have very direct bearing on the OP's ultimate choice.

    It may have been discussed a lot - do not know - but should have interesting answers.

    For me - I reckon if you get 500 000 km before the motor needs to be opened you are par for the course. Turbo replacement probably looms around 300 000 km?

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