Wazzzzzup and thank you!

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    Default Wazzzzzup and thank you!

    Hi & thank you to everyone for accepting me into this community and great online platform!

    To be honest, over the last year, i have only been a sponge - surfing and obtaining as much information as possible from the threads throughout 4x4 community. It then finally hit me, that if people were more like me, "information sponges", we wouldn't have such a great platform for advice and pointers to learn from.

    So that's my reason for joining... I hope that I, can in some way, with my very basic and limited knowledge, help others - as others have already helped me. Additionally, i would love to keep learning through experience and advice found here

    By way of introduction, I'm Kyle (Blok Kop), i drive a 2008, 3.0 16V TD Hardbody, with basic upgrades - nothing too fancy. I love nature and anything to do with it - the more basic and primitive the better. I mostly drive and go out with my Father who drives a 3L V6 Colt - both of us residing in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Town

    Thanks again all and i hope to see you all around - Cheers
    "Do or do not there is no try" master Yoda

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    Default Re: Wazzzzzup and thank you!


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