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    Quote Originally Posted by IceAge View Post
    Hi All,

    I need some advice regarding the joining/splicing of 16mm wire…..

    I am planning on running a 16mm feed from the vehicle main battery to the back of the Isuzu to connect the caravan for charging purposes. At the same time I would like to add a feed to the loadbin as I often use a battery box when I do not tow the caravan. This in effect means that I will need to split the feed as I would not want two sets of wires from the main battery. The options I have been looking at:

    1. Split at the BH-plug. The problem I have here is that the wires are too thick to crimp two 16mm wires into a grey 50A BH-plug (one fits nicely but not two)
    2. Somewhere close to the back join/splice the feed to the bin by exposing the main feed and then crimping bin wires to main feed using lugs and solder suplimented by multiple layers of crimp to make the join watertight.

    Are there better alternatives as I would not want to do it wrong running a risk of either a short (breaker is installed at both ends of the batteries) or a break in connection??

    Please advise

    The solution I used on my 2.5 Ranger
    Small box that have sufficient space to accommodate 6 wires and connections.
    Drill on one side 2 holes just big enough to make a tight fit around the wires
    On the other side you need 4 holes
    Cut the feed to the back at a appropriate place
    - made my feed long enough to go into the load bin and again out to the tow bar
    Push the red and black from the battery into the two hole side
    Push the red from the tow bar and the extra connection red in to two of the holes on the other side
    Crimp a lug with hole that will fit a 10mm bolt (or smaller) and nut on the 3 red wires (or place an inline fuse there)
    Join them with a bolt and nut.
    Tape or slip a heat shrink over the wires before putting the lugs on.

    Repeat for the black (neg) wire.
    Close the box, if under the load bin seal it properly.

    On the 3.2 did the following.
    Else see if you can find ferruls (some call them crimp connectors or butt connectors) for 16mm sq on the one side and 25mm sq on the other side
    (the UPS guys used this so scored two there, not a easy item to find).
    Then crimp the two wires on the 25 mm and single on 16 mm and heat shrink (double for extra protection).
    Then you do not need a box.
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    Default Re: Electrickery for camping

    Quote Originally Posted by STOFFEL NC View Post
    Thanks Fluffy. I was not aware that my MK4 has MPPC controller in, no mentioning in the specs.

    I also see its limited to 180W.
    Plan is to get another 120W panel to go 240W.

    I assume then I have to use another controller?

    attached specs of the mk4 model I have.
    Attachment 485932Attachment 485933
    The new panels now cater for 270W so I would recommend sending it by courier to Manie and having it updated, cost will not be as high as you would expect and it keeps the installation much neater and simple. I have to agree with Fluffy HCdP panel is all in one and to try and mix and match is a waste of money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisF View Post
    hehehe ...

    rather a single place for people to get the "bigger picture" before they start asking their questions.

    problem with the "individual" questions is that most often a "single answer" does not prepare the person for the inevitability of the next question ....

    there is stil a LOT to be added to the abreviated "chapters" above !!

    Hopefully the likes of Kobelwagen will add some info batteries, and other experts on the other speciality sub topics ...

    PS - Willys even place for an expert to give more input regarding battery monitoring .... maar jy gaan moet STADIG tik vir die mechanic om daai pc-bord goete te verstaan .... jy gaan jou vrek lag wanneer jy my monitoring and data capturing system sien !!

    Tot ek verstaan dit nou, en dit is baie gevaarlik, ek is die tipe ou as ek met skroewe draaier in die huis loop wil my vrou weet waarheen ek gaan en loop saam.

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    Default Re: Electrickery for camping

    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldonkie View Post
    tot ek verstaan dit nou, en dit is baie gevaarlik, ek is die tipe ou as ek met skroewe draaier in die huis loop wil my vrou weet waarheen ek gaan en loop saam.
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