Removal of Diesel Particulate Filter

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    Default Removal of Diesel Particulate Filter

    OK, so here are my thoughts.
    A large number of vehicles in SA use the same engines as they do in Europe where they are fitted with DPF's. When they are being sent to SA, they are assembled without the DPF to be compatible with our lower quality fuels.

    So these engines are able to run on our diesel in SA, theoretically.

    Here is my problem: I want to buy a Subaru again, but I want the diesel Forester.
    Let's forget about the warranty implications completely.
    If the DPF was removed, and the vehicle run on 50ppm as much as possible, it should not be a problem?

    The reason I am thinking of this is because I live in Mozambique, and travel outside of SA a lot. Most of these out of SA places do not have 50ppm. I usually travel much more kilometers than the standard tank and jerry cans will take me.

    Would it be possible?

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    Remember that its just not the PDF that is influenced by the diesel quality, yes they do block easier when using dirty or poor quality diesel.
    But the main concern is the high pressure fuel pump and injector lubrication, that is where the main wear occur when using lower quality diesel.
    Modern engines are running much higher fuel pressure as a few years ago, thus require better lubrication.

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    You will not encounter any problems. The DPF & Catalisator is a filter which clean the exhaust gas before blowing it out into nature. Running the vehicle with 500ppm for long durations may only cause more soot, but usually the system cleans itself when driving constantly on the open road. Filling the tank with 50ppm every now and then will help to clean the filter.
    Running the vehicle without the the DPF will only have an effect on nature.
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