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    Default Pajero 3.2 Thermostat

    Part number for Gen 3 Pajero 3.2 Thermostat : ME191593 - R162 from the dealer today.

    My car was taking a long time to get up to temp the last few days so diagnosed a faulty thermostat.

    Upon removal the inner rubber seal was missing and some black stuff was seeping out of the wax tube.

    Replacement is simple.

    Remove the intake tube on top of the radiator fan cowling

    Looking in to the engine bay look left and down for the radiator hose. Follow it to where it goes onto an aluminium housing.

    Undo the 2 12mm bolts (short bolt on top and long bolt at the bottom) and quickly take the housing and hold high to minimise coolant loss.

    Now quick the new thermostat ready to hand as you can minimise coolant loss a lot if you are quick.

    give the old thermostat a jiggle to make sure it's loose. Then with one hand remove the old one and quickly drop in the new one with the jiggle valve on top.

    Put housing back (no gasket required, the thermostat has it's own rubber seal) and bolt it down.

    put the intake thingy back. Fill with coolant. Take it for a short drive, park nose up. Wait for it to cool. Top up the fluid and the overflow bottle.

    Check coolant again for a few days to make sure it's full and monitor for leaks.

    Job done.

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    Now quick the new thermostat ready to hand as you can minimise coolant loss a lot if you are quick.

    Now why do this sound just like some translated instructions I have seen with Chinese products.
    Andre Botha
    2006 Pajero 3.8 GLS LWB, Gomad bash plates. Monroe Adventure shocks.

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