Pajero Gen 3 crossmember rubbers

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    Default Pajero Gen 3 crossmember rubbers

    I had a clunk at highway speeds when lifting off the throttle and then when quickly reapplying throttle.

    At first I thought it was backlash due to the nearly 300k kms on the drivetrain.

    Serviced the car yesterday and decided to look into the engine and gearbox mountings.

    The gearbox mountings seems fine upon inspection when looking at them and blipping the throttle so I looked at the gearbox mountings next.

    The crossmember that houses the auto gearbox mounts has 4 bolts that hold it to the chassis with rubber inserts 02866C.

    I used a jack and lever to check for play on the rubbers. It seemed excessive so I supported the crossmember with a jack and undid the bolts 02880C one by one, removed the rubber 02866C, pressed in new rubbers onto the metal spacer collar 02871 (I used suspension bushes I had lying around) with a vice and reassembled.

    The car feels much better now, the clunk is gone and dirt road "solid" feel is improved.

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